About Samantha

Samantha Michael, author of The Beauty of My Shadow: A Story of Strength, The Butterflies Above My Bed and The Princess in Pink: A True Tale was born in Ajax, Ontario. A bright, ambitious student on the verge of beginning university, her life was unexpectedly and permanently altered when in 1991 she suffered near-fatal injuries as the passenger in a single-car accident caused by a drunk driver.


That moment marked the beginning of a long and difficult recovery process starting with a month-long hospitalization. Despite the severe physical and emotional trauma she sustained, Samantha willed herself to push on and reconstruct her life, an experience that has inspired her to passionately pursue a range of activities, including Pilates, meditation, music therapy, art therapy, volunteerism, philanthropy and dance.

Today, Samantha serves on the board of the Ontario-based non-profit An Aid to Help Foundation, which she founded to help raise money for charitable causes in Canada and beyond. She has also assisted the National Arts Centre since 1999 as a volunteer. She lives with her beloved, ever-loyal canine companion Mya, in a home overlooking a vibrant forest, where the gentle sway of the wind chimes helps remind her of the beauty and tranquillity of life.