About Samantha’s Memoirs & Music

Stylishly arranged and performed on a beautiful Steinway Grand piano by Mark Ferguson are songs and parts of songs that set the tone for slowing down the pace of life. Enjoy listening to music that was originally performed by many popular singers and musicians throughout music’s history. Some of these performers are Coldplay, Lionel Richie, Leona Lewis, The Police, Bryan Adams, Erik Satie, Usher, Mariah Carey, Nickelback, John Lennon, Avril Lavigne, Bob Dylan, Celine Dion, Bob Marley, Elton John, Nelly Furtado, Led Zeppelin, U2, Rhianna, Bette Midler, Madonna, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and The Rolling Stones, plus more. Hopefully everyone from young to old will find a song they like with over 70 minutes of music!

Proceeds received from the sale of Songs for Everyone will be given back to communities based on the objectives of An Aid to Help Foundation’s mission to provide encouragement and resources to educators, students, parents and families on ways to learn or teach others to make responsible choices in life.

Samantha Michael and her aunt, Gisele Microys, MD were inspired to create An Aid to Help Foundation after Samantha was almost killed by an impaired driver when she was a teenager. Hearing Samantha speak from strength in telling her story will hopefully be meaningful to others. Samantha feels that many things contributed to her remarkable recovery, with music being one of the major tools. This inspired her to create a music CD to help raise funds for the mission described above. The variety of pieces of music she chose for the CD are of a slower tempo for the enjoyable relaxation of body and mind. Songs for Everyone can be used by people of any age in a number of ways – background music to work or study, music to go to sleep, listen to with family, etc.

It was after this CD was created that Samantha wrote her story as a memoir The Beauty of My Shadow: A Story of Strength that was published in print in October 2014. She then wrote her story in fairy tale style for children aged 6-9 in The Princess in Pink: A True Tale. The music CD Songs for Everyone is a soundtrack for both of these books. Samantha also wrote a memoir for children aged 9 and above, for her dog Mya Mia Happy Michael titled The Butterflies Above My Bed. Mya is raising money to help save the Monarch butterfly! More information about these books can be found through links on the home page.

If you are interested to learn where the proceeds from this CD are going please check out about the Foundation.

Thank you for your support!