About An Aid to Help Foundation

Countless injuries and deaths occur worldwide resulting from irresponsible choices that people make. These choices can include driving while inebriated, overdosing on drugs, texting while driving or taking other undue risks that put their lives and the lives of others at risk. Some people make choices without examining the possible outcomes and consequences of their actions.

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To be responsible for our lives we need to be able to endure the ups and downs of life without teetering off the edge of self control when it gets tough. We also need confidence in ourselves to cope and ask for help when necessary.

An Aid to Help Foundation is a Canadian Federal Non-Profit Corporation that was created by Samantha Michael and her aunt, Gisele Microys, MD to try to prevent at least one family from experiencing the trauma that theirs went through when Samantha was almost killed as a teenager by an impaired driver. Hearing Samantha speak from strength in telling her family’s story hopefully will be meaningful. Samantha tells her story in her memoir The Beauty of My Shadow which can be purchased from any of the stores listed on the home page.

The mission of An Aid to Help Foundation is to provide encouragement and resources to educators, students, parents and families on ways to learn or teach others to make responsible choices in life.

For Samantha, this Non-Profit Corporation will always be in her own way a tribute to Princess Diana, who she met while in the children’s rehabilitation hospital in Toronto, Canada in 1991 recovering from her motor vehicle accident. You can learn all about this in her memoir The Beauty of My Shadow. She was truly inspired by the late Diana for her philanthropic approach to caring for the community, specifically to children.

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Money Raised as of May, 2016: $3266

Most recent donations listed first.

  1. May 2016: $600 to Roots of Empathy, www.rootsofempathy.org
  2. May 2016: $20 to Sati Saraniya Hermitage, www.satisaraniya.ca/
  3. May 2016: $50 to Sudbury Health Sciences North Foundation – Donna Williams’ Cardiac MRI Fund
  4. May 2016: $250 to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fire Appeals which is matched dollar for by the Government of Canada and the Alberta Government, so this donation counts as $750
  5. December 2015: $150 to The Canadian Cancer Society
  6. October 2015: $120 to Big on Beagles Rescue Charity
  7. September 2015: $100 to the National Art Centre, Share the Spirit Program
  8. May 2015: $100 to The Canadian Cancer Society
  9. December 2014: $200 to Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. July 2010: $400 to Roots of Empathy
  11. July 2010: $126 to the National Youth and Education Trust of the National Arts Centre Foundation
  12. January 2010: $150 to the Psychology Foundation of Canada’s program Kids Have Stress Too!®
  13. November 2009: $250 USD to CASEL
  14. November 2009: $250 USD to The Hawn Foundation

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