Samantha’s Memoir


By Samantha Michael

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BOOK SUMMARY: In the blink of an eye, a person’s entire existence can change forever. At eighteen, Samantha Michael learned this in the most challenging way imaginable, when she was in a severe car crash at the hands of an impaired driver. After being rescued from the accident, Samantha was comatose and barely alive. Later, as she emerged from her coma, she would come to discover that terrifying moment was not the end but the beginning-the beginning of a lifetime of challenges and changes, tribulations and triumphs. With wisdom, grace and humour, Samantha recounts the aftermath of her injury and her personal, medical and emotional struggles to win back the happiness which was taken from her. She describes the impact on her family and friends, the lasting physical trauma with which she had to struggle, the pain of deferred dreams and the joy of eventually reclaiming her life and self, piece by piece, day by day. The Beauty of My Shadow will pluck a range of emotional chords as the reader experiences the euphoria, hope, doubt, fear, love and other feelings Samantha herself lived through in the days since her life was forever altered. Written candidly and from the heart, Samantha’s story gives hope to those who have suffered similar trauma, as well as those who are simply wrestling with the ordinary challenges of daily life. Her memoir serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and versatility of the human spirit-that while adversity derails our path in life, undefeatable perseverance often helps us discover another route to take. A percentage of author royalties from the sale of this book are donated to charity. Please see for details. Donated royalties are net of commissions.


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  • The author takes us on her journey of how she found ways to get through life’s challenges and come out of dark places into a beautiful life. Samantha’s humanity flows through this book as she faces and writes about her anger, resentment, depression and feelings of abandonment (issues we all face). She shares with her readers the ways she found to heal and change her life – through meditation, through music, through connecting with nature and how she found a meaningful and fulfilling life after a tragedy struck. She also sends out a clear message to us all on the consequences of “drinking and driving”.*** I wanted to add to this review that after reading Samantha’s Micheal’s story, it has made me much more aware of how many people around us have suffered a brain injury and are dealing with the challenges, often unseen, on a daily basis in their lives. It’s funny how after reading the book I have become aware of friends and acquaintances who are dealing with changes and difficulties they did not have before their injuries – thank you Samantha for bringing this to my attention!- Lisa K on
  • Reading Samantha’s healing journey is inspiring, uplifting and heartfelt! The book is a memoir, and yet with so many twists and turns, it reads like a story of fiction, taking you on a rollercoaster ride that will have you laughing, crying and angry at times. All the links, photos, and videos she provides on her website enriched my reading experience and made me feel a part of her journey. Amazing to follow Samantha’s evolution as she recovered from her injuries-both physical and emotional. I feel everyone can benefit from reading her story and sharing in her wisdom. Her lessons on the importance of self-discovery, self-expression, and self-healing are valuable and are universal. Those who’ve been affected by brain injuries (be it concussions, strokes, brain tumours, etc.), will surely benefit from some of the techniques she’s discussed in her book. – Lisa M. T. on
  • This is a wonderful insight into the hard journey back from a head injury. S.D. Michael has described this in a way that people can actually understand the problems along the way. She has had to fight every step of the way to finally be able to accept and enjoy her life, her purpose. She has my full respect for sharing her story to enlighten others. Thank you – Wendy D on