Tips 4 How to Beat Stress

March 2, 2016

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! Those who read my memoir The Beauty of My Shadow: A Story of Strength with the accompanying music soundtrack Songs for Everyone (samples can be listened to on that webpage link) know that I have been very passionate about learning to deal with challenges that have come my way in life. I was lucky after I was severely hurt in a car accident as a teenager that I had rehabilitative support from the insurance that I had at the time of the accident. I am grateful for the resources that were available to me because my success in recovery was dependant upon this financial support from my policy.

I understand that not everyone is in a position to be as fortunate as I was though and things can and will happen in our lives where we may have difficulty finding the inner strength to survive an experience on our own. In this case I hope that my blog can be a resource for you to learn about techniques to help you manage stress. I will share with you some of the tools that were vital to my recovery. Whenever you discover my blog I suggest you go to my first archived post and watch it because many posts will build upon each other. I am always going to make each post as condensed possible, so as not to put you to sleep. lol

One of the first important tools I will be teaching you about is meditation. Meditation was the one tool that helped me skyrocket about my difficulties. With years of practice it has gotten easier to regularly do this exercise for my mind. I practice it daily and it is like a vitamin for my inner strength. I have spent thousands of dollars on courses for this and I truly think things should not cost as much as they do. So in this way I hope that I can help you learn to practice for next to nothing. I would love for you to use whatever I share to create your own unique way of strengthening your concentration and make it a life long coping strategy.

I have learned that our attention does not need medication to be strong because really it is like a muscle in our bodies. The more your practice concentration exercises, the stronger it will get. In my memoir readers learn that the injury I received was a severe closed head injury that left me with brain damage. My concentration was one of the major cognitive challenges I had from the injury and today I am stronger in this area than ever. The great thing about it is that this simple daily exercise called meditation that helped me, gets easier and easier with practice. And there is not just one way to do it either! Over the years I have been eager to learn about all types of meditation from Transcendental Meditation to Mindfulness and everything in between. I love to practice in whatever way my body needs to chill out. And you can learn how to do this too! So in my posts I will get to meditation soon but my first priority is that I want to focus on teaching you all how to breathe properly. What?!

I have worked as a private Pilates Instructor for many years and I always coach my clients to learn about the respiratory muscles of the body and proper breathing as our intro to Pilates. I do this because as they are exercising and I am encouraging and correcting them, I want them to understand WHY I am saying what I am saying. Posture is a big part of this too but for the first post I will just focus on breathing. With my clients I want them to take away from the workout knowledge that they can practice further in their own lives whether at work, rest or play. And boy what a difference does this knowledge make for dealing with stress in life! For myself I cannot ever go back to the way I was breathing before because of the negative effect this was having on my body and mind.

Anyway, a late philosopher once said that knowledge is power, so I hope that you enjoy following my blog!