Board of Directors


  • Samantha Michael, Chair of the Board of Directors, Treasurer, Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist

Psychology was Samantha’s major for University and she has a passionate interest in learning what anyone is capable of in life. Since 1999 she has enjoyed being a personal trainer in Pilates and has found it rewarding to help others relax while building good posture.

Ever since Samantha’s first job at a young age as a candy striper in her local hospital she has always volunteered in the community. In 1996 she volunteered at the Human Rights Centre at the law school at University of Ottawa for 3 years where she worked on projects dealing with child labour in India and Aboriginal rights. She also helped with many jobs around the Centre. Since 1999 she has worked in the Patrons Circle Lounge at the National Art Centre in Ottawa where she helps provide a comfortable area for the donors of the Maestro Circle and above to relax and socialize before the performance and at the intermission. She is also a donor herself to the NAC.


  • Andrew McDermott, CEO, President and Principal of AM Government Consulting

Andrew is a friend of Samantha and Gisele’s family and provides communications advice and counsel to public and private sector clients. Andrew has previously served as federal Government Relations Manager for Telus Communications where among other things, he was responsible for advising on the corporation’s charitable giving in the nation’s capital. Andrew was responsible in 1998 for advancing Telus as the founding sponsor of the National Youth and Education Trust, founded through the contributions of Telus and other donors to the National Arts Centre Foundation. Through his work with Telus and the National Arts Centre Andrew, has become intimately aware of issues from the perspective of both the recipient and donor, and in understanding and helping to fashion effective outcomes for each.

Andrew has also worked as a fundraiser for the Canadian Museum of Civilization, based in the national capital, on projects relating to the Museum`s National Acquisition Fund.


    • Gisele Microys, Vice President and Secretary, Medical Doctor and Psychotherapist, Mom, Aunt and Grandmother

Gisele graduated from U of T med School in 1963. She has a long history of teaching medical students and residents at the University of Toronto (Ontario) and the University of Calgary (Alberta). Over the years she has developed an interest in medical psychotherapy and has received specific training in this area in California and in Toronto. This expanded into the field of physician health and well-being. Gisele was medical director of PFSP (Physician and Family Support Program) of the Alberta Medical Association for seven years, a challenging and very worthwhile undertaking, covering family problems, addictions, mental health issues and more. She was active in the creation of CPHN (Canadian Physician Health Network) and served as its director for a period of time before her retirement.

She has also received training in assessment of “Emotional Intelligence” using the BarON Emotional Quotient Inventory. Gisele’s interest in life balance, effective communication and optimal self-care continues beyond her “retirement” years.

  • Mya Mia Happy Michael, Advisory to the Board, Author and Guard Dog

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